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Matchmaking Rules



  • Dragon Script

    Season Battle it's very bad .. and not fear ...
    Because any one have just one hero upgrade will kill all player

  • عبدالرحمن بن سلطان

    My hero health is 290 and the opponent is 370
    And his card way higher than me and they beat me in 2 or 3 turn with no chance for me to do anything
    How is this fair fight

  • Blakedaly33

    I had this happen actually. Looks like it's a bug where it miscounts your actual strength and level it up way beyond your actual strength.

    So yeah. Totally unfair. Seems unintended as well

  • Dragon Script

    Season Battle very bad

    because Game choice the heroes right

    And any player lucky have just one heroes upgraded will kill all player eazy ..

    For me remove Season Battle or make like dark tower .. no one know what's heroes get

  • Matatakk

    Unbalanced matchmaking of retards. Worse shiit ever

  • brioche

    Completely bugged. Not working I am being matched outside of my season pool.

  • Eral Loayza

    Lo más horrible del puto juego , muchos tienen más poder en sus héroes, y otros muy bajo , pon bien tus torneos p causa xd

  • Kimgamingmule

    How do you get 2000 warlord health with only 13000 might? This is very unfair and I can't seem to find information about it.

  • Kevin Zühlke

    Absolutley bullshite mode!!
    How about different Ranks?
    Its not that hard to create a Matchmaking algorithm that makes Fair fights!
    I alwqys have enemys the one or Two Shot me!!

  • lozano patrick

    It s unplayable. I ve lost all my fights. Now, I m in 101st place with 300 points. Lol. What à big joke

  • Burakghayali

    Not fair fights. Not even win a single match. Defeat and defeat. %90 match your health point and your heroes worse then the enemy. Every season its continue. I’m so tired to play like that. If this will not change. I delete my games. This game become sadly pay to win game..

  • garam holic


  • Vineet Prasad

    Season battle is un-playable, gets killed in first round itself. Feels like it’s a rigged game, forcing you to buy premium n vip mode

  • Adamnoelwhite

    Wow they say this you will compete against equal opponents - when in reality they are way stronger than you, have a shit ton more hit points, and toons many many levels above your own. 

    Who writes their propaganda, they sucked me in again

  • Gustavo Benatti

    Seasons battle is very bad idea.

  • Andy Thayer

    Season battle is a flop. If a player has focused on chaos… you never stand a chance.

  • Beppyz86

    I have contacted support and the matchmaking is apparently more complex than explained here.

    "Please note that seasonal fights are meant to become harder when you get further through the season, go higher in the Ranking and upgrade your season squad."

    So do not upgrade your team once season starts and do not move up in hof or you will probably will start losing more than winning.

  • M Gclvs

    C'est trop nul ce nouveau mode de jeux car ils y a des héro au niveaux maximum et ont ne peux rivaliser avec eux.


  • Blakedaly33

    If they have one hero upgraded really far, odds are they have multiple that are and are placed in a higher league. If they only have one hero upgraded yes they will be in your league and have an advantage there - but struggle outside the season. When the next season comes, they likely won't have the same luck and will instead have everything be weak because their strong hero is still calculated for the league they're in, but they can't use them

    It's a solid example of RNG. You can get lucky, you can get unlucky. If you don't like RNG this definitely isn't the game for you. Considering chests and summons etc..


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